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Don’t you think there’s a problem when we live in a society that considers a woman’s greatest accomplishment being pretty for a man?

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Heeeere we go I finally did it o/ I know that ackersexual already made a similar post a couple months back (check it out here) but I wanted to make one too so here goes~ I tried to make it short but complete, though I’m afraid I might have put a bit too much text, and I apologize for the may be there faults, but to get to the point:

PLEASE READ UNTIL DEATH DO US PART!! It’s a brilliant and very very underated manga! It is scanlated by Kirei Cake, you can read it here, and has been licenced and published in several countries including an english release by Yen Press.

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My mum just said she hates Kevin Prince Boateng for the following reason:
• He kicked Michael Ballack that one time.

good mum!

Perfect mum.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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 Our Emma Roberts x Levi’s spread is out… check it out in the new People Style Watch. Styled by us. #elkincollection #emmaroberts #levis #denim @elkincollection

Our Emma Roberts x Levi’s spread is out… check it out in the new People Style Watch. Styled by us. #elkincollection #emmaroberts #levis #denim @elkincollection

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cucumbers and starfruits taste the same, right? (x)

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Streets of Ferragudo | Portugal (by Nacho Coca)

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Miroslav Klose presented with the ‘Golden Victoria’ integration award on Thursday 11.09.2014 for his achievements with the German National Team

"You are a very appealing figure, and a wonderful role model in football. Your life story also tells us something about the country. Your team with whom you’ve won the World Cup is one of the best showpieces of this country" says Merkel

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Roofs of Manchester, England.Enjoy the weather, come rain or shine.


Roofs of Manchester, England.

Enjoy the weather, come rain or shine.

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